Twilight Review…SEXY!

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I have recently completed reading “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer, published by Little, Brown. I declared that I would NOT even open the first page of this series due to a seemingly silly topic. However due to the urging of online friends as well as my niece’s copy conventiently brought to my home, I opened the book and my mind to another world.

It seems rather fitting that this series would suck me into a fantasy world entrenched with effective and realistic decsriptions of adolescent relationships and the awkward stumblings of self discovery. Bella is a clumsy but quick witted high school junior who moves from the safe confines of sunny Phoenix, AZ with her mother to the dense fog and drizzle of the Pacific Northwest with her biological father who is the police chief of small town, Forks, WA.

Bella soons finds herself in a high school  lacking in the cultural complexities and intellectual challenge of her former stomping grounds. What she least expects is to find a family of superior intellect and physical agility and appearance. Imagine Bella’s genunie surprise to have her biology partner carry an intense amount of disdain of her without even a simple exchange of names. She is dumbfounded when Edward Cullen is clearly none too thrilled to be sharing a lab table with her when he turns his hateful gaze in her direction on her first day of school.

The book intensifies with a continual cat and mouse game between Bella and Edward with his constant mood changes and eye color shift. Bella Swan cannot contain her curiousity when it comes to the Cullen family, particularly Edward. A Saturday afternoon visit to the beach on a Native American reservation turns into an inquisition of sorts for Bella as she attempts to use her feminie wiles to obtain information from an unsuspecting, Jacob Black. Jacob succumbs to the lovely Bella’s flirtation and reveals a long held family agreement that the Cullens are not allowed on the reservation as their family is a centuries old enemy to the reservation.

Through Jacob’s version of his elders’ superstition, he tells that the Cullens are descendants of a breed of “Cold Ones” who hunt prey. Bella takes this information grouped with her own observations to launch an investigation of her own through the power of the internet to glean what she believes what “Cold Ones” really means.

Research and confrontation leads Bella to learn that Edward is what was once only thought to be a mythical creature; a legend: Vampire. Edward finds he cannot resist his need to be with Bella and is so enticed to involve her in his life, his family and his curse. He opens a world to her she had only read of in books and she finds herself dangerously unafraid and falling steadfastly in love with Edward.

Ms. Meyers writes sensuously at the most basic level, describing the physical urges both Edward and Bella experience for their need for one another. Edward’s battle with is most animalistic instinct to devour Bella and his most human instinct to protect and love her. Her descriptive words of heightened senses make for an engaging and all-consuming read that makes it difficult to close the book. Despite my best efforts to resist reading this series, I find myself chomping at the bit to read all four books and anxiously await the release of the DVD of “Twilight”.  Although this series of novels seems to be written for an adolescent audience, it’s highly arousing interaction between the central characters makes it a must read for anyone!


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