Wide Know Tactics of Online Scammers -Beware!

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There are many products offered in the internet today some of them you cannot really rely on and others even bring harm to your personal computer and take away your hard earned money.

I bet many people encounter an email saying that they have won lotteries of certain millions or hundreds of thousands and another email that are from some dead rich folks who are willing to transfer you the money in your bank and agree to give a portion of it. Hello? Is there any rich man who doesn’t have some hired financial institutions who can take care of his wills and testaments! That is really sick and lame! They call them Nigerian Scam mails and I really do not like the term either because it sounded very racist but they said it is because most of the mails are denoting some banks in Nigeria or places in Nigeria.  Again, these are scams – a rich man does not trust any stranger to get hold of their moneys anyways. These scam artists are just trying to get your bank details and some even try to call the bank and ask transfer to another account.

Another scam is sites that ask membership fees for you to get a job in typing, data entry, virtual assistant, surveys and the like! Because inside of it are only lists of companies that would also ask you another fees to get in, you’ll be thrown over and over again and will be stressed and confused! If you want to get data entry jobs go to SOHO website that is the only trusted and free site I know and it’s certified legit but those data entry jobs there are not get rich scheme but per hour rate from $9 – $15 per hour. Not much but reliable unlike those scams that would take your $34 – $50 just to get a job inside.

Another scam are those HYIP sites or high yield investment sites. They are just actually rotating the money, the first one who joins will wait when another member joins and upgrades then he can get his money from the new member and so on. When the site lost balance in the cash flow usually after a month – 6 months they turn into scams and they run with your money.


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