I so yearn for a home. I wish for peace/quiet and to be all alone. The benches in the park are steel creating condensation and preventing me from a restful slumber. I fantasize of huge, luxurious house: Please, Yahweh give me the Mega Lottery’s numbers! Being resourceful, thinking on my toes: I have to stay clean showering at school or bird baths in the public bathrooms evading society squinting nose.

I crave a domicile complete with enormous kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and a living room. I desire privacy and healing from all my afflictions: I don’t need to lay on a psychiatry’s couch; I just want my own room! I need to take long, warm baths and sleep under blankets upon blankets in my daven chamber. Yeshua, please hear me in Livermore, CA the raining season is approaching; it’s October and November.

I am going to Las Positas College yet my grades can’t buy me my dwelling. My hub weeps, I am fed up from the cold: My wells fill and now, there are swelling. I hide out at Civic Center Library: I want to forget I am homeless that vision is always melting. I refuse to be sad and bitter; so musical lyrics I am belting. I dream to own a residency. I don’t have to report any income, checking/saving accounts because I value my privacy, and not giving too much information on my identity.

My soul shrills for a protective shelter. To have a door to lock, to own a key: It will most definitely keep the negativity out like a filter. I want the beautiful trappings of a wide screen TV, stereo system, computer with Internet access and scanner/printer; you see I will never be alone. By reading this poem; can’t you see: I just deeply yearn for a home.

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