The Quantum of Solace – The Death of Bond, James Bond?

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Casino Royale has the swagger expected of a James Bond movie. It has the one-liners (“that last drink nearly killed me) you would expect, the girls, the action, the technology and the cars. It was a new approach mainly due to the super violent and brutal fight scenes but one that went down well with the vast majority of fans. The Quantum of Solace start with a rip roaring car chase that sees a number of vehicles wrecked due to Mr Bond’s expertise and flying bullets. It is an impressive introduction to the story and left me gagging for more. As the movie rattled on I could not help but notice the lack of comedy coming from the chissled jaw of Daniel Craig and those lines that were forthcoming were poorly delivered. The direction and production of all the action is phenominal and as always the scenes are incredibly far fetched but this is what we expect and want from Bond no? It wouldn’t be much fun if he were to die in a horrible metal gridning, Aston Martin killing crash would it?

The problem for me was that this Bond is really pushing the series away from the jovial, gadget laden Bond we are used to (yes this was reduced in Casino Royale) and steering towards a more generic action movie. The plot in TQS is rather thin and there is a 30 minute black hole in the middle during which pretty much nothing happens. Perhaps this movie was designed to act as a segway between Casino Royale and the next major installment? I am sounding very negative here and please don’t get me wrong it was an enjoyable movie but I would love to see a bit more of the ‘shaken not stirred’ attitude that we all know and love.

Come back James please!


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