How to make money on CashCrate

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survey_Thumb.jpg First go to CashCrate. My referral link Once you have signed up, you are asked to create your profile- they pay you $1 just for completing your profile. This is easy stuff too, demographic information.

bank_Thumb.jpg Select surveys you would like to complete. Some surveys might want you to complete an offer, such as signing up for Cool Savings, but many of them just want your opinion. Once you have completed that survey, click on the Submit button- CashCrate verifies pretty quickly that the survey was done and you watch your earnings go up.

money2_Thumb.jpg Refer others onto your network. You get paid for your referrals, but the great thing is while you make money off of those that you refer, you don’t actually take away any of their earnings. You get paid 20% off of those people you personally refer, and then get paid 10% off of those people they in turn refer. So in other words you get paid to have a network! What I do like about this is even though you are getting paid to refer others onto the site, if they make $10, they make $10- that $2 you get because you referred them is a bonus and NOT taken away from their $10 earnings. Make sense? Click on my referral link to get started! And don’t forget to complete the daily surveys (2 a day).


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