Old Friends or New Friends

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Remembering friends from a long time ago, when you see them you greet them and say hello but you really do not know what is going on in their lives, some people are very nice and say come by my house they want to invite you over. Trying and become friends again, some have motives and some do not know what should you do about this take a chance and become friends again. Well you got to think about what is going on because you never know how people are they change, and so does the weather something you have to understand based on growing up with others you always want to remain close but sometimes you got to let go and move on.

This can be a hurtful situation but can you take the chance and remain friends with someone when you are not sure or if you had a bad experience do you let some old battles go by, most of the time you have to let the past go because its baggage that you know you should not be getting into a battle that you do not need, taking care of a family is enough work you really do not want this in your life, or this could become a good thing and you can grow as friends. It’s mostly up to you to get an understanding before getting this back in order.Always remember the good friends you never know you might find yourself needing this person and you will not be looking for something that you are not sure of so just always second guess your decisions and make notes for yourself. Staying to yourself is a good thing but sometimes it gets lonely not having people to talk with and you never get the time to vent and speak with others about things that are on your mind.


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