Symbian S60 File Managers

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If you own any smartphone at all, the very first piece of software you need is a decent ‘File Manager’. Most S60 phones come preinstalled with a file manager. However, it provides limited functionality and so a third party software is highly recommended.
Basically, a file manager serves the following necessities: – Browse and manage (copy/move/delete) files and folders on the device (internal as well as external memory). – View the contents of a file or folder. – Search for specific files or folders. – Send and receive files through available connectivity options. – Check the memory consumption of the device (internal as well as external memory).
Some third party softwares have added capabilities such as: – Access to system files and folders (conditional). – Dealing with *.zip, *.rar, *.jar and other archives. – Set file and folder attributes. – Set or manage ‘Operator logos’. – View and edit hex.
File managers are available as sharewares or freewares. Below are some notable file managers: – FExplorer (Developer: Hugo Dominique) – X-plore (Developer: Lonely Cat Games)
– Y-Browser (Developer: Jukka Silvennoinen)


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