How to write a lot of articles everyday

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I am engaged in Article writing for 4 months already and I get an average of $250 monthly extra income for 3 hours of work and growing per month. I know I could have made more but this is an honest review of the honest money you can get from your talent in writing. I mean I don’t think I am talented enough but I see to it that I use my talent wisely and enjoy everything I do. I have a full time job so I cannot work longer than 3 hours online. If ever I have 8 hours I could have earned more than that monthly. I can say; I cannot rely in the internet as a source of steady income. But there are free ways to make money online that I enjoy and get extra income from. The money from the internet is not stable enough and especially for an amateur like me. So I just make it part-time.  What I do to write at least 20 articles and more  in 3 hours?

A.)   Prepare a set of topics in your Microsoft word; make sure you are interested with them. If you are riding a bus or a train, don’t forget to carry a ball pen and a paper because some ideas just comes out in your brain at no definite time at unexpected places.

B.)    Start to write and I mean write, do not backtrack, don’t spell check. Checking and backtracking  your articles can make you feel bored and stop thinking of the continuation of your article. It’s compared to a long trip in a bus full of bus stop. So you just write whatever comes up but of course something related to your topic.

C.)   After you write as many topics as you can then proofread. That’s the time you check all the spellings, replace words with another suitable words before you know it you wrote 20 articles in 3 hours or maybe more. I mean this is an impressive hobby and exercise of your brain. If you keep on stopping and checking it can disrupt the spontaneous state of your thoughts. Only one proofreading in all your

D.)    Readjust your sentence during the over all proofreading and don’t use deep terminologies because if you don’t understand it the more your readers can’t. Readers want information and want to know about your reviews and honest ideas not some legal terms from Mr. Webster.

E.)    Give yourself deadline in order for you to be focused. I give myself deadline like I need to write 10 articles in 1 hour, sometimes I get bored and tired but sometimes I can even write more. Be realistic with your abilities and trust yourself.

You can do it, say you can!


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