How to earn more at Bukisa

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Bukisa is similar to  other get paid to write articles like that pays through the number of views and impressions. There are many ways to maximize earnings in writing in Bukisa. Follow these steps and you’ll get your $50 very fast:

a.)    Write as many articles – what I do is I make it a habit to write at least 1 per day and if I am bored I put in writing. You can bring a notepad and a pen with you so every time you have a fresh idea you can take note of it. Tendency is you’ll forget what you’re going to write when you’re in the PC.

b.)    Make friends and comment on their pages and articles even if you don’t read them. By reading the article’s title, you can then distinguish what the article is all about. However there are very attractive articles too that are worth reading as well. Important is for you to make friends and these friends will also read your articles as a return of favor.

c.)    Use the social bookmarking tools – the more you share or ping your articles the more it can reach a lot of readers. The ping sites like digg, delicious, technocrati and etc are highly ranked sites that could make you receive more impressions and top rank in google searches

d.)    Get referrals – if you have social sites you put there your referral link and tell your friends that this site is cool and really paying. The more referrals you have the more money you receive and as long as this referrals are active they can add up your earnings everyday, monthly and maybe forever.

e.)    Be online often – make it a habit that you visit the site and update your posts if possible.

f.)     Don’t do it for money because you’ll get pressured if you receive less impressions and wanting to force yourself to write more. Just do it for fun and allow yourself to be surprise at your earnings every time you sign-in.

With the above suggestions, I received around $15 a week with my articles and I am having fun while doing it and learning a lot of lessons at the same time. 


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