Advice and Tips on your Credit and Debit cards

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  1. Majority of banks hire a third party processor which monitors your credit/debit cards year round 24/7.
  2. If your paying for that extra fraud protection on your credit card……cancel it!!!! why? look at #1
  3. Before traveling out of state or overseas, contact your bank/credit union to let them know. This way you avoid getting your card shut off.
  4. If your card does get shut off, call the 800 number on the back of your card. They are there 24/7
  5. When making purchases online try to use a credit card. Will get back to this later
  6. Add other family members under your account. Will get to this later
  7. Be nice to the customer service reps. You don’t want a permanent note under your card as a unpleasant cardholder
  8. Make sure you know your pin, daily limits, and account balances.

As an ex fraud rep I received numerous calls a day and also monitored cards all day every day. All the steps mentioned seem pretty basic and common sense, but i was surprised by how many people just did not know. Credit cards, in general are a safer plastic to use as far as fraud goes. If fraudulant charges do take place on a credit card you will always be reimbursed. As for Debit cards it is a little longer process. You generally have to contact your bank and file for a dispute. Every financial institution has their own method but usually includes filling out paperwork and waiting for the financial institution to approve. You’re not guaranteed all your money back. This is why i recommend using a credit card online. If a hacker just so happens to capture your card and use it you will not be held liable. You also want to make sure you have family members under your account so if you are overseas or for some reason unable to access a phone the fraud reps can talk to them. I’ve been cussed out at many times because i could not speak to a wife, husband, mother, father, grandparent, etc about their family members card. Fraud reps are only allowed to speak to the actual cardholder and whoever is listed under the card. All monitoring systems have a special page for who can speak on behalf of you. If not then they will be asked to provide power of attorney. And lastly be nice when calling. Every cardholder has a notes section and although unprofessional if your a character there will be notes left. It’s also not the reps fault your card got shut off. Not their fault you didn’t call back when you received a message about your card and therefore got embarrased at the store because your card did not work. If you enter your pin in wrong generally 2-3 times in a row the card will usually be put on an automatic hold. If you try to spend more than your daily limit allows your card will be put on hold and if you spend more than you have in your account generally your card will be put on hold.

Well I hope you’ve gained something out of this.  Im not a professional writer so forgive me if i’ve mispelled anything.


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