Thanksgiving Celebration in The Philippines

Thanks giving in the Philippines has no specific date or month. Any day of the month and any time of the year can be a  thanksgiving celebration to Filipinos who have special event in their lives they want to be thankful for. What are these important happening in their lives where they will be thankful for and they will celebrate it any time of the year?

One example is when a member of the family  passed the board exam of whatever it is, nursing, engineer,  doctor, etc. This is a  big event in their lives worth to celebrate thanksgiving. This time they will have  a  thanksgiving party. They will be inviting their friends, other relatives, neighbors and close friends. They can do this anytme of the year, it’s up to them.

Another event worth to celebrate thanksgiving is when they have a newly bought house. They will  have house blessings and at the same time thanksgiving celebration. They will invite their friends, relatives and all the people they know to celebrate with them.  They can do this anytime of the year. No specific date to have a celebration. Anytime they feel convenient with their budget.

When they have a new car. They will also have a car blessing and at the same time thanksgiving celebration for it is not an easy thing to own a car in the Philippines. They considered it  a great blessing when they  have a car. Family and friends will all gather together to celebrate with them.

These are some of the events in the lives of the Filipinos  they considered worth to celebrate thanksgiving. They can do the thanksgiving celebration any time they wanted to.

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