How to Restart Windows in Safe Mode

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A wise man named Forest Gump once said “Shit happens”, and he was absoloutely right, which is the reason the Microsoft packages in “Safe Mode” with every Windows Package.  Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode that loads only the bare minimum features of Windows in order for you to be able to configure hardware and/or software.  Also as the amount of Malware on the internet increases Safe Mode has been increasingly used in order to combat infections.

So the question is: How do I boot Windows in Safe Mode?  Fear not, for it is so simple that a two year old could do it!

Step 1: Turn off the computer (duh!)

Step 2: Turn on the computer (again, duh!)

Step 3: As the computer boots (before it gets to the window screen) tap F8 repeatedly until it brings you to a menu with boot options.  Select Safe Mode to boot in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Command Prompt to launch Safe Mode with cmd.exe opened up when you log in, or Safe Mode With Networking to Boot in Safe Mode while maintaining connection to your network and the internet.

Congratulations, You have officially restarted your Computer in Safe Mode!

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