Triond Crisis as Malware Strikes

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Triond manages a range of websites that cover everything from Poetry to Politics including writing, video and images. The site has many attributes including the interactivity and community amongst its contributors. 

Today has seen a crisis brewing as Firefox has started to pick up security issues from Google regarding Purpleslinky, Triond’s entertainment site. In the last 90 days, the warning read, there have been “26 pages resulting in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent”.

Triond have issued a statement on their blog saying that they have removed all advertising from the site while they review security. So maybe there have been hackers at work. We wait to see the outcome of their investigations.

The Triond blog reads: “Preliminary investigation of the matter suggests that a malware distributor was somehow able to sneak in via one of the advertising networks that we work with. Since we allocate ad space to this network on almost all of our websites, most of them were affected.”

Just a few moments ago Authspot, their writing site was also deemed “suspicious” by Google and so the crisis deepens. Triond are a highly reputable community and you can be sure that all will be done to retrieve the situation.

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