Signs She Is About To Dump You

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There are a few signs wich can tell you if your girlfrend is about to dump you. All you have to do is open your eyes to the little details and at least you can prepare your self for what is about to come.


1.     More than 50% of marriages end up in divorces.

2.     The remaining couples may not all be happy though they stay in the marriage.

3.     The chance of having a happy marriage is less than 33%, if you follow the way how average people handle their datings and marriages.

Many times we can realise that the relation is over evan before there is any talk about it.

1. Not returning calls and/or sounds distant or uninterested during phone calls
2. Never has anything new to say or add to a conversation
3. Not interested in sex
4. Expresses little or no signs of affection…she used to greet him with a big hug and a kiss, now it’s barely a kiss on the cheek
5. Spending excess time with girlfriends or doing hobbies
6. Her schedule is suddenly never compatible to his…she always has something to do… hobbies/chores cannot be re-arranged i.e. nails, gym, hair, bookstore, organizing her closet
7. No or very little eye contact
8. Little or no physical contact
9. Less verbal communication
10. Works late
11. Overly critical…comments on every little thing, idiosyncrasies…especially things that never bothered her before
12. Spends more time on her personal appearance
13. Suddenly acquires new interests
14. Her mind always seems to be somewhere else
15. When he has a problem, she could care less, would not be as attentative


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