Stain Fighting Emergency Must Haves

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Baking soda-Baking soda is good for so many things it would take all day, but what do I use it for most? Cleaning my ceramic cook top. If I have a bad cooking stain, I sprinkle lemon juice over it and some baking soda, let it sit for a while and scrub it with a sponge that is safe for ceramic cook tops. Works as good as anything else on the market.
Lemon Juice-Great for the above reason, but also great for cleaning and freshening your microwave. I like to use the plastic lemon, and squirt the inside of my microwave with it, then put in a pyrex measuring cup with water and heat long enough for the water to boil. Let it steam the inside of your microwave for half and hour afterwards.  Once this is over,  I clean out my microwave and it smells great and squeaky clean to boot! Lemon juice is also great with baking soda for cleaning metals, just spot check in an inconspicuous area first.
-Degreaser will get stains out where all else fails. Keep it handy for just those occasions. I personally use mine for cleaning the mesh metal screens on my range hood. Place them in your sink, and spray copious amounts all over and let it stand for a while..come back with a kettle of boiling water and flush them works great..Remember that is is often concentrated and needs to be diluted. For the exact dilution, check the bottle.
Rubbing alcohol-Takes out ink. Just make sure you flood the area and use patience..ofcourse always spot check. Also great for sanitizing your hands, on trips it is a cheap alternative to have in a spray bottle for your family to use in public bathroom on questionable toilets, and also on the kids hands if you dont have hand sanitizer. Bring it camping too.
Furniture polish-Buff up your granite, shine up your vinyl, wipe down laminate, it has a lot of uses and smells great. I use mine inside my car on the leather interior and vinyl great!
Bleach-Great in bathrooms and kitchens, for your whites in the laundry, and any time you need to kill on your countertops. I keep a sink  filled with 3 parts water and one part bleach  whenever Im handling raw meat. Its a great way to keep the germs to a minimum when you do clean up. Not only do I have it there for cleaning the countertops the raw meat may have come into contact with, but by immersing my hands in it, Im killing the germs on me too, just make sure you arent allergic or have a problem with diluted bleach on your skin. If you are messy, wear an apron to avoid getting on your clothes.
Cooking Oil-Cooking oil is great to use if you run out of polish, just dont use too much a little goes a long way. It is also good for shining up the dull plastic on your coffee maker. Cooking oil and baking soda combined together in a paste make a nice scrub for your face, just remember to wash your face thoroughly after and keep away from your eyes.


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