World of Warcraft Druid PvP Guide A Beginner’s Guide to Combat in Arenas and Battlegrounds

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Druids, like shamans and priests are capable of being healers in PvP situations, but druids are one the most verstatile classes in all of World of Wacraft, capable of filling in all the available roles. This verstatilly does not serve a druid as well inarenes or battleground, but it does make a few unique strategies available to the players of the class.

A comprehensive PvP guide for World of Warcraft druids is not possible due to word count limitations, but it is possible to compile a guide that will let a player develop his own strategies. The intent of this article is to give the druid a starting point when he fights other players.

Useful PvP Druid Spells

Balance druids are capable of doing the most damage, but most of the druid’s strategy relies on using the healing capabilities of the class on yourself effectively. Restoration druids have an advantage in this area because of their boosted healing spells, but they do less damage than characters who specialize in the other branches of the talent tree.

The key to being effective as a druid in PvP is using the forms effectively. The travel form, for example, makes a character immune to the mage’s polymorph. A druid character that switches into the travel form in PvP before the mage casts polymorph gains control and can then use the cool down time to switch forms and deal a large amount of damage to the mage.

A druid should keep the regeneration spells the class has access to up at all times in both PvP and PvE combat. In the battlegrounds and in arenas this gives him a little bit of extra time to get away. Root spells should also be kept on the hot key the player uses on other opponents. This keeps opposing players from getting at the druid or in the case of feral characters keeps weaker opponents from running.

Two Druid PvP stargeties

Feral druids can do well against paladins and warriors, although paladins and warriors will usually have more armor and hit points. Warlocks, priests, and rogues can be beaten in pvp if the druid can keep them away from him, and with other healing classes it is often a question of which player runs out of mana first. The key for any class to take out a hunter in PvP is to ignore his or her pet.

A good PvP and PvE player as well should be able to adapt to different situations and uses the strengths of his class in creative ways in all situations. Using a PvP guide as written will not be fully learning the tactics available in battlegrounds and arenas.


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