Nintendo Wii – Unable to Read The Disc

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Recently my Wii would not read any disc I put in it. I would get the message “Unable to read the Disc”. Desperately, I tried searching google and got barely anything. For anyone who needs the help, I will give you all of the information I have acquired and more.

First off, we need to tell if your problem is minor or major or anywhere in between. You can find out if it is minor or major if you go to Nintendo’s support page about discs not being read. To check this page, please click here. If you have tried these steps and still have no luck, keep reading for continued steps.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

If your Wii is having problems playing only SSBB, the problem is on Nintendo’s part. You can send it to them free of charge whether or not you are still on warranty. This is a quote from Nintendo: If you are experiencing “No Disc Found” or other disc read errors, game lockups (“frozen” screen), or other audio or video irregularities with this game, then there is likely an issue with the Wii console. Nintendo has set up a free and expedited repair process. Please click here for more information.

Removing the Dust

There is a possibility that your Wii has gathered some dust over time. What I have found out about Wii’s is that if there is smoker around, it can get inside the Wii and cause you problems. If there isn’t a smoker, it’s still possible that there is some dust inside it over time. What we are going to do here is completely unplug your Wii, including Gamecube attachments if they are there. Go to your Vacuum cleaner and attach the hose. Exactly what you think, we can hopefully vacuum the dust out and get your wii working.

Start by cleaning the disk slot: just slowly move up and down for about 20 seconds. Next we are going to vacuum the back side (the side where all of your cables go into the Wii). There is a spot where you can see an opening with a fan, hold your vacuum host against it for roughly 20 seconds. The last spot we will be vacuuming is the bottom of the Wii (the side where your serial number is located). Again, hold it up for 20 seconds and then plug in all of your cables again. Hopefully it works.. but if not let’s try another step.

Physical Enforcement

It sounds pretty harsh doesn’t it? This is what I thought as well. As I was telling my friends that my Wii stopped reading discs, they said it happened to them once and they got it working. What you want to do is just slap your Wii lightly on every side. You can also shake your Wii as if you are a child shaking his christmas presents. You can also try one other thing that was suggested to me (which I never tried, and don’t recommend). Sit down in a chair and hold your Wii up so it is lined up with the top of your knee. Drop the Wii and careful not to hit your foot. Again I do not recommend this, but if you are out of choices and are willing, give it a shot.

To my suprise, when I did the hitting (I never tried dropping it), my Wii started working again! The only bad part about this is that the next morning it wouldn’t work again. If this didn’t work for you at all.. let’s move on.

Clean your lens

It is a great possibility that you just have dirty lens over time. The easiest way to do this is to buy a lens cleaner for your Wii. There is an official Nintendo Wii Lens Cleaner kit which you can try and I would recommend using it more than any other brand (it is Nintendo of course). The current price is $9.99 and if you are interested then click here. This is your last resort before sending it to Nintendo. Hopefully this works, as for most people it does. It did not work on my Wii however.

Nintendo Repairs

So it’s come down to it, you have to send it to Nintendo for factory repairs. The prices may vary, but mine was $75 and then up to $85 after shipping. If you do not have the money for repairs, there is nothing more I can offer you. If you have the money, but troubles with sending the package to UPS/Fedex, do not worry there is a way! After you go through the process of paying Nintendo, you can print out shipping labels for your product and tape it to the box. UPS/Fedex will come to your house and pick up the package at no cost. You don’t even need a credit card to pay! you can stick cash in a envelope and include it in the box. If you are ready to set up a repair, click here for details.

Hopefully this guide helped if not, I hope you find an alternative on fixing your Wii.


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