How to stay organized when returning to work after maternity leave #1

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About a month before I started back to work after maternity leave I realized that life was about to get difficult. More difficult and busy than it already had been! I realized that I was going to have to get organized and that might take some creativity.

Here are some steps that I took to help me organize mealtimes, so that I wouldn’t be in a horrible rush to get a meal on the table on return home at the end of the day.

1) Cook a bunch of recipes and freeze them in mealtime servings. Double up your recipes!

2) Print a calendar out (you can use google calendars to get a blank monthly template), and create a weekly meal plan. This sounds hard, but taking 10 minutes to do this will save you a lot of time and headaches during the week.

3) Alternate daily dinnertime meals  – one night will be something that you defrost from your freezer and the next night will be something easy that you can make on the fly (scrambled eggs, tortellini with pasta sauce etc).

4) Make enough to eat that will provide you with leftovers for lunch the next day

5) When you clean up after dinner, package your leftovers for your lunch the next day and bag your lunch so you don’t have to do anything in the morning.

6) Once a week, after you’ve made your meal plan, create a shopping list to get everything you need for the week

7) Keep your weekly meal plans so that you can re-use them next month!


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