On Our Farm In Feburary

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Ok, well if you have followed any of my blogs you will know that we are only relying on what God gives us and puts in front of us. This has been working since June 2008. ..and still is. It amazes me daily how good God has been to us. I know that we are walking in the way that he wants us to because he keeps providing for us.
Spring is coming and there is much work to be done here on the farm. I don’t know how we will be doing it, but I know that if it is God’s will…it will happen. We are wanting to get more chickens, pigs, and maybe some lambs. Oh and our only goat got attacked and killed by a coyote the other day. It was sad. She was more like a pet. Apparently they are twice the number they were last year…open season, SHOOT THEM ALL! SO we need a new goat too.
We did put in for the SARE grant to helpus begin a CSA… we will find out in March if we get it. If we do not, I would still like to do it… it will just take longer. We also are in the process of forming a non-profit. We would like to give back what God has given us. We want to offer our farm as a Christian retreat. It will be fun, and I thought that people might want to come spend the weekend on the farm too. Anyway, that is what we are working on.
So, I have been de-cluttering our home too. Not just to get some extra money, but also to get most of the worlds stuff out of our lives. It is so hard not to get caught up in the world when you are surrounded by it. So much of the stuff we own we do not need. SO I am using the extra money to pay off debts…but it is harder than it seemed. We have so much crap especially since my Father in Law passed away, it is a huge job just going through it. We have sold most of the larger items with the last of it going today. But every box we open we have to sort through…and that is what takes so long. To top it off my poor husband is going through it again. It was this time last year that his father was dying. It took two surgeries and a month in a half. He died on March 2. About two weeks ago, his mother had a massive heart attack and is needing a bypass and a valve replaced. They just sent her to Cleveland yesterday. If you ask me…they put it off too long. I just can’t see how she can live much longer, let alone the surgery. She is so weak. Only God knows!
Sorry, ADD moment… anyway, I have started writing articles and blogs on the internet for extra income as well. But everything that I make on the internet will go straight to pay off bills. It will not be used in our monthly bills. I will include a few sites that I am writing on… you can go check them out, join, or whatever. Any support is much appreciated. Oh, I will also share with you an ebook that I purchased. I know what you are thinking..but I have met this author and she is true and legit and knows what she is talking about! She makes $1000 to $2000 amonth doing what I am doing. Since purchasing her book…my income has tripled. Plus I have spoke to her several times. She is always available for questions. I highly recommend her ebook. Check it out! :0)
So that is what we have been up to. Everything is still kind of on hold until March…and the weather dries up. I will keep you posted.


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