Garden Bedding Plants, Care And Planting Guide

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Most garden bedding plants are sold in multi-pack cells, with 4-6 garden bedding plants per pack. Care should be taken with these garden bedding plants from the moment you purchase them to ensure you strong, healthy garden plants after planting them.

Once you have chosen your garden bedding plants for purchase, treat them just like you would if they were a carton of ice cream you had purchased. Do not leave them in the trunk or back seat of a car ‘cooking’ until you are ready to plant them in your garden.

Once you get your garden bedding plants home, if you can’t plant them immediately, place them in a shady location and water them well. It only takes one hot day of neglect to damage or even kill your new bedding plants, so water them daily until you can plant them in the garden.

When you remove the seedlings from their plastic cell pack, don’t try to tug them out by the tops of the plants. Push the root ball of the seedling up from the bottom of the plastic cell pack.

Plant your garden plants as son as possible for best results, and try to plant them on an overcast day. Once planted, water in thoroughly and mist the bedding plants foliage with water.

If you plant the bedding plants on a sunny day, provide some shade for them while they adjust to their new home. Stretch sun block fabric over them, turn card board boxes over them, etc., anything that will provide respite for the tiny seedlings from the heat of the sun for the first few days after planting.

With a little care during pre-planting and planting times, your garden bedding plants will re-establish themselves quickly and provide you with vegetables and flowers all summer long.


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