How to Autorun a program in Windows

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There are many ways .exe,.bat,.vbs,.com, etc programs can autostart on a target computer.

1.Winstart.bat on older systems – Winstart.bat will start with
windows every time the computer boots on older machines. Any command prompt commands can be used in the batch file.

2.Startup Folder – The startup folder is the most basic way of getting an executable to start with windows. This method is easy to detect and will be found. If the method is used I would suggest to have it not matter if it is found (use your imagination) and/or have an alternative auto startup method as well.

The default startup folder for windows 9x & ME is found at:
C:\windows\start menu\programs\startup

Windows 2k, XP, 2003 use :
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs
(Administrator can be changed to another user name if you know what it is.)

Any executable files placed in this folder will be automatically executed at startup.

3.Win.ini & System.ini – The Win.ini & System.ini methods are old favorites.

Find the files are located in c:\windows\ or c:\winnt\ depending on the version of windows and where it is installed.

To use Win.ini to autostart your program first open Win.ini with a text editor find [windows]or add it if its not there and then add (making sure path is right) load=Whatever.exe and then run=Whatever.exe.

[windows] load=Whatever.exe

System.ini is very simple too, first open System.ini in notepad and then find [boot]in the text and add Shell=Explorer.exe Whatever.exe.

[boot] Shell=Explorer.exe Whatever.exe

4. Open up autoexec.bat in a text editor and type the drive and
directory whatever.exe (or bat or com)



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