Freddie Roach Devising New Game Plan for Manny Pacquiao

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Freddie Roach is devising a new game plan for Manny Pacquiao in his next fight with Ricky Hatton of England. The new game plan could be entirely different from the strategy used by him during Pacquiao’s fight with Oscar de la Hoya.

Hatton is known for holding his opponents and crowding them in the inside to land his vaunted body punches. And unlike de la Hoya who was 35 years old when he fought Pacquiao, Hatton is only 30 years old, Manila Times reports today.

Some boxing scribes also see Hatton improving under the watch of Floyd Mayweather, Sr., who has succeeded in policing Hatton’s defense at least for the Briton’s recent fight against Paulie Malignaggi, the report added.

‘We have a great game plan and look to fight the perfect fight again’. ‘If we do (execute the perfect fight, he (Hatton) will get knocked out in the later rounds. It’s going to be a good fight up until that point’, according to Roach, in response to a question from Scott Dryden of People’s Defender, an Ohio-based weekly.

Freddie Roach, the multi-awarded boxing trainer who owns the Wild Card gym where Manny is doing is training sessions, has been saying all along about Manny’s incredible discipline while undergoing training and conditioning for a coming fight. ‘Pacquiao is a fighting machine’. ‘He is the hardest working fighter I’ve even seen’, Roach often tells sports writers whenever he gets interviewed.

The new game plan is definitely is ‘top secret’ and Roach will be very careful and cautious about its new features. For this reason, Manny is expected to practice the features of the new game plan behind closed doors to avoid infiltration by the Hatton informers.

Expectedly, Roach will not disclose the new game plan as it will expose Manny’s defenses and fight strategies. But boxing fans expect that Manny will try to neutralize Hatton’s ‘bull attack’ fighting style by running away from him in circles and avoiding being trapped in a corner where Hatton will be most effective.

On the other hand Hatton may use a new strategy to mislead Pacquiao in the early rounds. His trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., is very much aware of Pacquiao’s punching power and he might just advise Hatton to change his style in the early rounds to avoid being hit by Pacquiao’s vaunted left hook.

Pacquiao and Hatton are scheduled to go on promotional tour within the month to England and the USA to drum up support for the coming boxing event


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