Countries with Unique Shapes

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Some countries have peculiar shapes. Some have the shape of an animal, an internal organ, a shoe and

many others. Here are some places in the world with unusual shapes.

1. New Guinea


Image Source

What do you see on this map? This is the map of New Guinea, located just north of Australia. It is the second

largest island in the world, next to Greenland. The western half of the island contains the Indonesian provinces

of Papua and West Papua, while the eastern half forms the mainland of the independent country of Papua New

Guinea. The map of New Guinea resembles a certain type of dinosaur.

2. Tasmania


Image Source

Tasmania, which is notable for Tasmanian devil, is an Australian island and state of the same name. It is

located 240 kilometers (150 mi) south of the eastern side of the continent, being separated from it by Bass Strait.

Tasmania has an estimated population of 494,520 (March 2008) and an area of 68,401 square kilometers

(26,410 sq mi). The shape of Tasmania is very obvious – a heart.

3. Vietnam


Image Source

War torn Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.  It has a population

of over 86 million. Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world. The map of Vietnam is S-shape.

4. Italy


Image Source

The Italian peninsula looks like a boot. It is located in Southern Europe. The independent states of San Marino

and the Vatican City are enclaves within the Italian Peninsula, while Campione d’Italia is an Italian exclave in Switzerland.

5. Philippines


Image Source

The Philippines, descriptively called “pearl of the orient”, is an island country located in Southeast Asia. Looking

at its map, you’ll see a sitting dog. If the map is rotated to the left, it will look likes a camel. The capital is the city

of Manila. The Philippines comprises 7,107 islands. The Philippines is 12th most populous country in the world

with a population of 90 million people. There are more than 11 million overseas Filipinos worldwide, about 11%

of the total population of the Philippines. Ecologically, The Philippines is considered to be among 17 of the most

megadiverse countries in the world.

6. Sri Lanka


Image Source

This particular country in the Indian Ocean area has a peculiar shape, it is like a teardrop. Sri Lanka, which is

formerly known as Ceylon,is an island nation in South Asia, located about 31 kilometers (19.3 mi) off the southern

coast of India. It is home to around twenty million people.

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