Men’s Prostate Cancer Treatment Experiences

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Surviving Prostate Cancer – Radiation Treatment Experiences

I received 27 radiation treatments for the cancer to the prostate gland over a 5 week period and then 2 surgical Brachytherapy radioactive seed implants.The treatments were done every work day and only took about 15-20 minutes. I would go to the hospital and change into a hospital gown and then they would put me on the radiation table in a pre-made semi-body cast (to keep me very still) while the radiation was beamed painlessly to my prostate gland. I then went home each day.

At the end of the 5 week period I had 2 hospital stays two weeks apart were I was put to sleep for the very powerful radioactive seeds (about 9 seeds) that were implanted in my prostate in a way that they could be removed later. Those seeds were surgically inserted into the prostate gland in the morning and that evening removed. I do clearly remember the pain as they removed them. They didn’t put me to sleep for that. The next day I went home.

It has been a few years now since the radiation therapy. I’m now having problems with making love with my wife  So, my doctor put me on the Viagra  impotence drug treatment. He gave me some samples of 25mg Viagra prescription drug medication. After taking the first pill I was really amazed how effective a medicine could work. It not only significantly improved my performance abilities but, was beneficial for extra confidence in myself and feel totally in control. I can attest to the virtures of Viagra for impotence sufferers. It is truly a wonder drug.

My PSA is down to.80 from 10.7. Life is great again!

Prostate cancer survivor radiation treatment experiences and awareness


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