Corporate Strategies on Operations

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The corporation must implement strategies when it comes to its operations. Operations Strategy is used to simplify operations to maximize profit.

Information Technology and Organizational Architecture should be used for efficient flow of information, people and materials through the system. Through the use of various methods such as quantitative analysis, Operations Research models, the financial status of the company will be easily determined.

Intel, Dell and Microsoft are able to maintain their edge over competitors by making wise use of operation strategies. They are able to introduce their innovative products to the market at a rate of twice faster than their competitors due to the operational excellence of their companies. Most of the weaknesses of software companies revolve around its inability to give due importance to operation strategies such as manufacturing and logistics.  The following operations strategies are suggested:


1.    Be familiar with the requirements for labels, packaging and shipping documents

2.    Be acquainted with the regulations on business practices and what proof is required

3.    Learn how to report appropriately sales for federal and state tax (Wine Vision, 2003)


1.    Find one or two reliable freight forwarders

2.    Learn the proper way to make shipping documents for export

3.    Know how the product is handled the moment it leaves the company until it arrived at the selected market, particularly the kinds of   vessels and warehousing used

4.    Proper shipping of the product should be observed such as putting it in crates or cartons

5.    Know the person responsible for risks and insurance at various freight points.


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