He was released the fastest electric car in the world!

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The fastest electric car in the world, it reaches the speed of 334 km / hour, has been launched! Vehicle environment, created by Shelby Supercars can accelerate to 100 km in just 2.5 seconds.

The machine has a system of two engines that produce 1,000 horsepower. Tesla Roadster, a car power sport, which was tested recently in the show Top Gear, produces only 250 horsepower.

According to Shelby, the batteries will be loaded in just ten minutes, thanks to an on-board called “Change on the Run”.

Once the batteries are loaded, Ultimate Aero EV will go between 241 km and 321 km.

The company hopes to begin pre-production vehicle, which has a box in three speed automatic, until June.

“Since I had the fastest car series in the world, we decided that the Ultimate Aero will be the perfect to show how green we are,” said a spokesman for the Shelby.

“Ultimate Aero EV not only be equal, but exceed the performance of machines with internal combustion”, the spokesman.

Although the first delivery of the car will take place later this year, the U.S. has not announced yet the price.

Ultimate Aero TT, with an engine-based fuel is the fastest car series in the world, with speeds of up to 413 km / hour. This speed was achieved during tests on 13 September 2007 in West Richland, USA, and were verified by Book of Records on October 9 2007.


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