Psychic Ability Born With Psychic Powers

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Having a psychic ability or talent is indeed a special gift to have and one worth while nurturing. There are some psychics who have very strong talents such as a clairvoyant or spiritualist who can actually communicate with the other side.

Once you have identified what talent you possess you need to recognise firstly that you have the power and to accept that this power is yours and yours to build on.

There are exercises where you can shuffle a deck of cards and see what the top card is and then turn it over. These exercises might be helpful but really when you think of it the guessing of cards is a gimmick. The true test is to see who it is when the telephone rings and when you answer it see if you were right.

Sitting quietly of a morning and picture your day ahead by thinking what it is you will be doing and then gradually extending your thoughts to the people you will meet during the day. This is a step you can take where at each moment you will be able to say, yes I knew that was going to happen or I knew I was going to run into you today.

By doing this you are recognising your talent and as each day passes your talent will become stronger and you will be able to use it under different circumstances.

Psychic ability is not the charlottan abilities of the old days where witches were burnt at the stake. Psychic ability is a gift that requires identification and then trust in the ability. Once you have identified the ability it is a simple matter of conducting research from others who have experienced the development of their abilities and see if they refer to you.

Terry Glass has been a counsellor for many years and speaks openly about his experiences and provides real strategies to deal with psychic ability development. Psychic ability is discussed as well as other lifestyle strategies. The main website can be found at Psychic ability and development The site is packed with information providing up to date information and resources.


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