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There was a husband who had forgotten about his aniversary! His wife was irritated with him and waited a couple days before telling the husband that he had forgotten. The husband realizing what he had done started asking his wife to forgive him and asking how he could make it up to her! The wife, knowing that her husband had some money saved up, told him that when she wakes up in the morning she would be overjoyed to find something that could go from 0-300 in 4 seconds sitting in the driveway (this is crazy fast but remember she is stressed out and irritated so she spit this at him in anger). The husband was bewildered because their relationship had never been about gifts before, but he would get have to get it for her because he had messed up =/. The next morning the wife awoke and looked out the window. Outside was a small box sitting in the driveway, obviously too small for a car. The wife thought she had clearly implied that she wanted a car, but she went out to the driveway anyhow. She opened the box to find a weight scale!!! The husband managed to find something for her that she could use that would go from 0-300 in 4 seconds! Haha comment if you enjoyed this short story and feel free to add me as a friend and if you leave a comment saying I am added as a friend or send me a message, I will be sure to add you also =).


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