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When you leave the hair salon you should look and feel great. All that pampering and light chitchat, with a head massage and a great new look thrown in, should leave you feeling more relaxed, happier, more confident, and above all, more beautiful.

That’s what you’re paying for, and its the least your stylist can do – isn’t it?

But somehow it doesn’t always work out that way, and you can leave the salon hating the person that’s ruined your hair, and charged you for it.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Find out how to make sure that you never have another bad salon trip again, and discover how to be your hairdresser’s favourite customer, so you’re guaranteed to get great service very time.

A great stylist makes you feel like a million dollars, and that feeling should last until you’re due for your next trim or colour.

How To Spot A Bad Salon

If you find yourself in a hairdressing salon with any of these features, get out of there and find a better palce as soon as you can.

  • A crowd of clients are sitting around waiting for service.
  • Idle staff appear to be gossiping in the corner instead of doing their job pampering you.
  • Your stylist is running 30 minutes late, but no-one warned you.
  • The magazines are out of date.
  • The surroundings look grubby.
  • You don’t like the staff’s hairdos, or their general appearance.
  • When you say you’re not happy with what she’s done, the stylist gets argumenative.
  • Staff can’t remember you from one visit to the next.

New hair styles for women include styles for short, medium and longer length hair. The site is packed with information dealing with all aspects of haircuts for women providing up to date information and resources.

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