Hair Salons What Not To Do – New Hair Styles

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Don’t Turn Up Late

Salons have carefully timed schedules – being just ten minutes late can throw their entire day, and it affects other clients. Allow plenty of time to get there, and if you can’t avoid being late, ring ahead so they can plan round you or suggest another slot.

Don’t Cancel At The Last Minute

Cancel at least 48 hours in advance. But if you really do have to cancel at the last minute, contact the salon and the stylist as soon as possiible. If they don’t ask for a cancellation fee, show your appreciation by giving a big tip next time. Alternatively, find a friend to take your slot so the stylist doesn’t lose out.

Don’t Demand Last-Minute Appointments

Pleading for a last-minute appointment is OK in an emergency, like a surprise hot date, but don’t make it a habit because it puts the stylist under pressure. Work out with your stylist how often you need to get your hair done, and book well in advance – some people book their stylist months beforehand.

Don’t Treat The Salon Like Your Private Office

Many hairdressers think that clients who spend their whole session chatting into their mobile phone are rude and rather inconsiderate – and it’s awkward trying to do someone’s hair when there’s a phone glued to the ear.

Don’t Take Visitors

Don’t take the kids – they make it harder for other clients to relax. Don’t take your best friend either – your hairdresser will feel like a spare part while you two chatter, gossip and giggle.

Don’t Forget To Give Feedback

If you like what the stylist has done, say so – she’ll be delighted. If you’re not happy, explain why, so you and the stylist can work out an adjustment.

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