Saying bye in Chinese 102

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Okay so when you want to say good bye in the Chinese the easiest way is to say, “Z-eye Jeh-en” which literally means Again (Z-eye) and see (Jeh-en). So a bit like “see you later” in English. 

But it normally is taken to mean “Bye!” if you wanted to say see you later you would say ” Shaaa Z Jeh-en” which means see you next time. Literally. (Shaa Z ) Next time… (Jeh-en) see.

If you have  a friend who is going on a trip you could say something like “Bon Voyage” or “have a good tirp” which would be “E loo ping an” which means (E) one (loo) road (ping an) safety.

Perhaps you hope that your Chinese friend will call you or write to you while they are away, in which case you might want to say.

Don’t forget to call!  “Bear Wung La Dar Den Hwa” which meand (Bear) Dont (Wung) forget (dar) beat -or call in this case! (Den Hwa) phone. Of interest to you may be that the word for phone comes from two different words that could be translated to literally mean Electrical(den) Voice (hwa).

For Don’t forget to write you’d have to say “Bear Wung La” don’t forget and then add a “Sh-air Sh-in”  with “Sh-air” meaning write and “Sh-in” meaning letter.

Okay so that is all for today’s lesson, now that you’ve learnt to say good bye hello. Next lesson I’ll move on to something else that could be useful for survival Chinese. If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to me to post next, just comment below and I’d be more than happy to oblige you.


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