A story-Chapter One- Revenge from the Shadows

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It was a rainy dark night, the only sound besides the rain was that of the cars below, Kaito climb the side of the 30 storey glass and steel scraper with high powered suction devices in his two hands. The black clothed figure was only a few feet away from the window behind which his unexpected target should be.  Kaito’s muscles burnt from the effort of carrying and lifting his body up the some 20 floors so far. The wind whipped him, and the rain fell soaking his clothes and almost blinding him, most of the lights in the building where already out, but the office window he headed for was still alight.

Getting ever closer he looked within, there sat, behind a leather chair, the man that he had come to kill, top CEO of Dragon-net companies. A company that was leading the way in Japan, and around the world in online security tech. As Kaito watched the heavy built, mid 40s man, put down the phone and stared at his computer screen, he was dressed in one of the most expensive suits that money could buy, yet despite all his wealth and power, the CEO Atashi Mutomani, was still going bald.

Deciding this was the time, the assassin slowly and silently cut out a peice of glass from the window, his target to engrossed in the stock figures on his computer to notice anything, his ears now filled with the sound of some music, from a Mp3 on his table. As the glass fell towards the street below, and the unexpecting passerbyers below Kaito jumped through and drew a short blade from his back, in one fluid movement, as he had trained to do many times before, and as he had done on many missions in the past.

Atashi only turned his head a few centimetres before the sword plunged into his body and the big businessman slumped forward dead, Kaito knew he only had minutes before security would arrive, there was a camera in the top left hand corner of the room, that he shot out with a small pistol that appeared in his hand so quickly that an observor would have guessed it was always there. The explosion of the gun was quite muffled, but security would noticed the blown out camera very quickly. Such an important man, would always be watched carefully.

Kaito kicked the man out of his seat and let his fingers move across the keyboard, searching through the company files for lists of senior executives, where they lived, and where they worked. He stuck a usb from around his neck into the computer and starting copying all the files he needed, his eyes kept jumping up to look at the door,his ears could already pick up the faintest sound of footsteps on soft carpet… he had less than minutes, but the download wasn’t still complete…


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