Taebo: Do You Want To Amp Up Your Workout?

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It’s a new year, and what better way to keep your resolutions than Taebo?

Not sure exactly what that is?  Let me explain.

First, Taebo is not only a great way to work out and get in to shape, it is also an acronym.  Here is a breakdown of what it stands for.

T- Total
A- awareness
E- excellence
B- body
O- obedience

So in essence, that is total awareness for excellent body obedience.

Let’s be honest, weight loss is not going to happen overnight.  Don’t get discouraged.  Remember it takes Trust, Truth and Time.

Billy Blanks is the instructor/mentor.  Sure he can’t make you get up off the couch and do the workout, but he is definitely a great motivator. 

Taebo is a fun workout, sure it may be hard when you start out, but once you start getting the hangout of it, you can have a great time.

Billy got into karate after knowing he needed discipline and a challenge.  He became an avid student of karate going to classes weekly. Billy competed in a martial arts tournament and received his black belt and the love went on from there. 

Being a professional and tiring out after working out to the rocky theme song, he learned how to dance, and moving with the beat eventually putting karate/kickboxing to music. 

Amping up Taebo is about upping the intensity and using the core with the movement.  The bar helps keep the movements in line.  Amping up the workout is to explode and exerting more energy.  Amplify does mean to make better.

What are the different forms of Taebo videos?


Workout package includes: Jumpstart Cardio, Full Throttle, Fat Burn Accelerator, Core Express and Live in LA.  There is a weight loss book and the amped bar included as well.

Other amped videos are: Rockin’ abs and buns and Celebrity Fit Cardio

Boot Camp:

There are three versions of the Boot Camp series

The Basic Boot Camp -which focuses on the instructional side, Boot Camp 1- which is 30 minutes of power drills, and Ultimate Boot Camp- which ups the ante.


This workout package includes 3 workout videos, as well as a 8 minute cardio workout, the elite Billy band


T3 is the newest version of Taebo, which ties in the spirit, body and soul together.   This Taebo program includes 3 DVD’s and a pure power bracelet.

Then there are the Funk and Funk Freestyle videos.  These workouts incorporate hip hop dancing.

Kids- a Taebo workout specifically designed for kids


You can separately buy the amplifier bar, Billy band and Billy’s energy vitamins.

There are a few other products here and there, but this list is compiled of the best ones I found on Billy Blanks website.


So if you would like to lose weight and get into shape, I suggest Taebo.  Also remember it does not happen over night. 

As Billy says it’s the three T’s; truth, trust, and time.

Thanks for reading, and don’t get discouraged.


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