How to make rotini chicken pasta

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As any pasta dish warrants, start with boiling the penne noodles in water. Cook chicken in oven at the same time you are tending to the noodles so both will be ready at about the same relative time. Drain water and put noodles back into pot.

Add chicken in with noodles. This is where you can add some olive oil to flavor if you so desire. Otherwise skip right ahead to putting in your favorite spaghetti sauce. The best results seem to be achieved with two packages of noodles, and one complete jar of pasta sauce. If you have a Wegmans near you, I highly suggest Wegman’s Smooth Marinara. My husband hates spaghetti sauces with tomatoes and this lives up to its name of being a smooth marinara!

Finally add some romano/parmesan cheese into the mix to thoroughly mix some cheese into your dish. If you prefer to have a more cheesy taste, Wegmans Three Cheese Sauce is also a great sauce. Then help yourself to a plate of Penne Chicken Pasta, top with more parmesan or romano cheese and have a nice meal!


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