How to save money on your TV, Internet, and Phone

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Check to make sure you don’t have any contractual obligations to fulfill before taking advantage of a bundle deal. In one month, we got one offer for Comcast for $99 and Verizon for $109- when we called Verizon, they agreed to match the $99 Comcast had offered us. However, when we went to make the switch, we found out we still had a contract for DirecTV, so that stopped us in our tracks.

Figure out what you absolutely need. A bundle deal isn’t spectacular if you don’t need everything they have to offer. We use our cell phonesmag-glass_10x10.gif a lot so really don’t need all the features and long distance calling for phones so we went with a bare minimum phone service. This saves us $12 a month alone! However if you do need all the bells and whistles, look to go with VOIP- whether you go with Verizon’s VoiceWing or Vonage, this will save you a great deal of money over going with a higher plan because you think it’s a good deal.
For cable TV and Internet, even though I was in a contract with DirecTV, I told them I needed to downgrade service. Some people do just cancel service and get the cancellation fee reduced, but DirecTV ended up giving me another $10 a month savings, as well as free HD Channels ($9.99 a month) because they wanted to keep me as a customer.

Finally for internet, the decision to go with cable or Fios is up to the customer. Some people love Fios and others swear by cable, but whatever you do play the companies against each other. Our cable internet provider after charging us the same rate for almost 4 years offered us a free month of service and a reduced rate if we stayed with them- Fios offered us a free month of service if we switched. Regardless, know you have choices, do your research, and make these companies fight for your business! In return, you will have some extra cash in your pockets for taking the time to find the best bargain


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