College After High School

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I began my college education straight out of high school. I didn’t believe that I could make it from the get go. I worked with school and did the best that I could do. I went to college for 1 year and then things began falling apart with school. I couldn;t handle the homework anymore. My grades were getting worse and worse. I had a professor that made a full of me in the class room. He read my grade to everyone and called me a failure.

What I want to know is. How did they allow that to go on. I reported the teacher and they did nothing to him. I was the one that was afraid to keep going to school and withdrew. Just this year after 16 years I am finally back in school. Why because I was determined to make it. I have been in school now for 1 year and I am doing quite well. I am so proud of myself for doing my dream. Working with problems and facing them and not being afraid to take a stand. I have since been back in a class room and it was so amazing to sit down at a desk again. I had a terremdous teacher his name is James Forsee.

He was my English teacher and I have so much to thank him for. He had patient with me and helped me pass his class. He is a very wonderful person and he didn;t judge me because I made a mistake on a paper. He helped us all figure it out, I would like to take time to say thanks Mr. Forsee for helping me achieve my goal in life and get my associates degree.


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