The Modern Grooming Club

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David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo in their pants are hardly the subtlest of images, but the latest pictures of the former Manchester United professional football players, looking ripped remind us of one fact. The pressure on men to look attractive is greater than ever.

Today it is more important than ever, that men to look fresh and on top of their game. You don’t want people thinking that everything is getting a bit too much for you. A fresh complexion and a twinkling smile can only help. Looking after yourself can be seen as an investment, as well as a luxury.

Men have always been keen to look after their appearance, the difference now is that men are more aware. Guys who are in their twenties and thirties are now working in different environments, compared to their fathers, and it is suggested that the younger men subsequently have greater stresses on their skin.

There is increasingly a huge demand for men’s grooming salons and the market is expected to keep growing in the forthcoming years. There is a lot more competition for men to look their best than there used to be, and they want a comfortable, masculine environment to do that.

Men want a place where they can relax without their wives or girlfriends seeing them. The modern grooming salon is almost like a gentlemen’s club, but with exfoliation instead of cigars.


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