The Few,the Proud,the Jury!

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In this country a lot of people thinks government work is the best if you can get it but that idea has never resonated with me. As a libertarian I have always found government employment disgusting because even though you might get higher benefits and pay where does that money actually come from? No one ever thinks about that because if they did they would realize that it comes from taxes and most Americans rightly hate taxes because they would naturally prefer to keep the money they make in their pocket but by and large they think that taxes are a necessary evil.

 I do not agree with most Americans because I do not believe a person has a right to steal at gun point from one to pay for another.

 So legalized thief from a violent gang that gives the mafia a bad name is the primary reason I hate government work however there is one and only one shimmering golden job on that pile of poo that I would gladly take up in a minute if given the call and that job is jury duty.

 “What?” you ask,”Why would anyone actually want to serve on a jury?”
Well ill tell you.

  It certainly isn’t for the minimal pay,the tiresome experience,or to fulfill a made up sense of duty. No,I would gladly serve on a jury because I hate government and as a juror I would finally have the power to change it!
You see theirs this secret about juries you probably never heard of and in fact I believe the constant dread of jury duty portrayed in the media is planted there to make you to not want to attend so that you will never know this secret so what is it?
  The secrets called jury nullification.

 You see in common law there has long been a tradition of jurors not only judging the merits of a case but also judging the merits of the law itself in question and Juries have the absolute power to nullify that law if they don’t feel its right. That doesn’t mean a jury can change the law but it does mean,in that particular case,they can ignore it or decide its wrong and free the accused of any crime regardless of whether they committed it or not.

  As an example,and this is the kind of case id like to be involved with, say a kid no more then 20 was legally searched be the police and found to have 1 ounce of marijuana on his person. Even though the police searched him lawfully and he was in violation of the law as a juror if your sane enough to know that the war on drugs is a failure and marijuana offenses are ridiculous you have the absolute power to free that kid regardless of the evidence!

 As another more extreme example say a divorced man who has children is feeling kinda down so he goes out drinking and ends up crashing into a tree. In Michigan that offense could cause him to loose custody of his children but if such a case were brought be for a jury and you felt,considering that he did not actually harm anyone,that that action by his vindictive exwife was unfair you could stop it.

 Jury nullification is truly an amazing hidden “government Job” Id be happy to have so next time you get a notice in the mail don’t be annoyed be happy because you now have the power to drastically change one persons life for the better!

  For more in depth information on Jury nullification please explore the Fully Informed Jury Association at:


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