How to Protect Yourselves Away From Scammers

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Everyday hundreds of thousands internet users are being victimized by spamming and scamming. Most of the victims are people unknowledgeable in the internet world- meaning they are innocent and vulnerable.

If you noticed every time you check your e-mail box you received bunch of unsolicited messages coming from unknown senders. They send messages related to winning lotto or money transfer from unclaimed beneficiaries.

These persons are smart and intelligent, very used to. They are perfectly knew what they’re doing.

As of now countries where these people are most coming from are Ghana, and Nigeria. Most of these people are man pretending to be a woman stealing pictures of celebrities, porn stars, business people, and politicians to use as their profile pictures.

Where to find

They can be seen all over the internet- social networking sites, dating sites, or business sites. But most of them concentrate on dating sites.

We know dating sites are paid sites. Members pay their membership before going to communicate with other members or to get full access. (I am referring to man membership)

Scammers knew all members are looking and longing for love or lifetime partner.

What are the Signs

  • Their profile picture has unbelievable looks- beautiful face and sexy body.

  • They will be going to share their life story, a very pity story that will crumple your heart and bothered your imagination if ever you can’t help them.

  • Once you are comfortable to talk with them, they will ask you “money” to buy food, pay bills- house rentals, electric, internet, medical assistance, fare etc.

  • They have many alibis when you are going to ask them for web-cam.

  • They have many aliases

  •  They used their wives or sisters when you talk to them over the phone.

  • They will ask you many things- laptop, digital camera, money, etc.

  • They are very sweet like you knew already each other.

How to avoid

  • Know the person who you are talking with by asking a webcam. With cam to cam conversation it is easy for you to identify the identity of the person.

  • Don’t trust that easy. Observe the person and the intention.

  • Don’t fall in love on the first chat, 2nd chat or 3rd chat.

  • Know the person very well.

  • Listen to your instinct.

  • Ask or seek an advice from friends and family members.


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