Patagonia & Antarctica Expeditions: Venture to The Ends of The Earth.

Venture to the ends of the earth Patagonia & Antarctica Expeditions: unforgettable cruises for travelers willing to explore these unspoiled “end of the world” territories. No place on earth compares to the vast white wilderness of the stunning Antarctica.The enormity of its ice shelves and mountain ranges invariably heightens feelings of humanity’s insignificance and nature’s grandeur.

Patagonia is a geographic region containing the southernmost portion of South America, which is mostly located in Argentina and partly in Chile.With the Andes Mountains in the west and south, and plateau and low plains in the east Patagonia surprises you with beautiful scenery including deep valleys and canyons, amazing rock formations, glaciers, lakes, volcanoes, forests and snow sprinkled mountains. Patagonian trips combine perfectly with voyages to Antarctica and Antarctic journeys can be extended into Latin America as well.
Antarcticais the only place on Earth where there are more penguins than people
. It is a place where sea lions and seals relax on floating ice while whales swim in their midst. Without a doubt one of the biggest attractions of Antarctica is to see the blue whale up close, the world’s largest animal, while it feeds on the krill in the Austral waters.
The movement of the whales among the icebergs and the rhythmic sound of their water jets will leave you speechless and will etch this white and lonely landscape at the end of the Earth in your memory forever.

Besides the magnificent scenery of mountains, snow and ice, in Antarctica you can expect to see a wide variety of the native wildlife, including thousands of nests of Gentoo, Chinstrap, and Adelie penguins. Other birds to look out for are blue-eyed shags, gulls, cape petrels, skuas, snowy sheathbills and Antarctic terns. Marine mammals that you are likely to see include Weddell crab-eaters and leopard seals while Orcas, humpback and mink whales may be spotted at close range.  This area is also of substantial historical interest and was extensively explored by several expeditions during the 19th century. Passengers should feel the same sense of excitement as the early explorers as you keep a lookout from the Bridge or other vantage points while your vessel threads her way through this dramatic and pristine region.

There is only a decision to be made and a trip to be planned.  Please, do take into account that it is advisable to make reservations (a six-month-in-advance booking is recommended). Antarctica, the land of mysteries, awaits you.

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