Noosa Day Trip

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Sunshine Coast & Noosa (Australian Day Tours)

$89 per adult
$49 per child
Infants 1-2 years $15
The exchange rate is £1 to $2.17dollars

When I was living in Brisbane we decided to take a tour to Noosa to see what it was like. At the transit centre in Brisbane out tour started. We were kind of confused as the tour was combined with the Australia Zoo tour so we got stickers to identify who was who.

While driving to Australia Zoo which was our first stop we drove past the Glass House Mountains which has been formed by volcanic activity years ago. To be honest if you blinked you would have missed them as the bus never stopped only the tour guide pointed them out they could easily be missed.

First stop where we changed buses (to a considerable smaller one) was Aussie world and Ettamogah Pub. Ettamogah pub is based on a comic strip (based in Australia so I had never heard of it.) Nevertheless it was nice to see the working pub which did have a cartoon style to it and beside it had speciality shops like a wood shop, doll shop and sweet shop.

There also was Aussie world, this is a tiny theme park which to be honest isn’t much to rave about. It has a few rides and a Ferris wheel. We didn’t go on any of these rides, as you had to pay extra for. Our tour only entitled us to entry into the park and we opted to not pay extra to go on the rides and were glad. Maybe young children would enjoy here but teenagers and adults in my opinion would find it boring.

The second stop was Underwater World this was included in the price which I have to say was small and unimpressive. Overall it took us a hour to get round and then we were bored. As we entered there was a stingray reef and they were feeding the baby ones, which was interesting to watch. Here has rocky shore touch pools which was tiny (about 3 people could stand there at once). In the centre there is living ocean displays with some tropical fish and a Honda car with fish inside it. There was a cold water habitat, which included huge crabs. On ice was a giant squid with eyes the size of saucers. We nearly missed it as it’s tucked in a room, which didn’t seem to have much else in it.

A small area was designated for freshwater billabongs, which included fish, small crocodiles, and different type of frogs and turtles. They didn’t have much space to call their own. There were 2 very inactive otters in the otter area, which just slept, hey didn’t have much energy between the two of them. A ‘Seals Behaving Badly’ show was available to watch while we were there, we decided to give this a miss as we had seen so many seal shows in the past. The enclosure was again small with 3 seals however they did seem happy and were playful amongst themselves.

What I would call the main attraction was the underwater oceanarium, which you could go through a glass tunnel. There was lots of different fish and sharks with notices giving you information about the animals. My favourite was the turtle. I loved this animal and enjoyed watching it being fed by the divers present. It had seen rescued as a boat had hit it and its back feet were paralysed which I felt was sad but nice that the aquarium had gave him a nice safe home. Lastly there was a crawly creatures exhibit which had been heavily advertised everywhere. I didn’t see what the big fuss was as there was only a few scorpio’s, sea spiders and crabs. Within the aquarium there was lots of shows but as we weren’t there all day we didn’t have the option to see them. As we got bored we left the aquarium early and walked around the wharf and got some food.

Last stop was Noosa itself, it was a lot smaller than I imagined and to be honest there wasn’t much to do about it either. We walked along the beach and you had time to swim if you had desired to do so. There were several fashion boutiques and cafes, which I think, were overpriced without reason. We browsed through some of these shops and decided things were overpriced so got bored easily. The souvenir shops had some nice things to bring home which were unique, as they had been handmade. We took a short drive around Noosa taking the scenic route home. We were informed that Noosa has 72 roundabouts and 1 traffic light, which happened to be on the water for the boats. I wouldn’t of liked to have drove in that town I hate roundabouts lol! The main street is small and only 2 minutes from the beach (Hasting Street – which is portrayed as trendy).

Then we got back on our small tour bus and headed back to Australia Zoo where we changed buses again and joined the Australia Zoo tour group and were taken back to Brisbane Transit Centre.


This wasn’t my favourite tour as I wasn’t impressed with any of the sites and was rather annoying to have to change buses. The tour didn’t have anything unique or special about it. It maybe would appeal to families with small children who were wanting a day out but switching buses so frequently and sticking to times may put them off. I think this tour wasn’t worth the money, as I didn’t overly enjoy it. I would advise people who want to see the Sunshine Coast to hire a care and do it themselves. The tour guide was very friendly and gave your information about the places you visited and some history of areas (for example what an area was used for commercially in the past). He was willing to answer any questions you may have had and was very helpful. I just felt that the tour itself was boring and not worth the time or effort. Plus I didn’t like having to move buses two times during the trip. If you were restricted for time in Australia I would advise you to give here a miss, as you aren’t really missing much. It’s the type of things you would do on a weekend drive at home to amuse yourself. It may be enjoyable for kids but definitely not adults.

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