How to Win Friends

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Every person has their own individuality. There are some that’s unpredictable and there are also that are not. All of these persons are nice and have their own style of friendship depends how is it going to work out.

We can’t deny building friendship will take longer, and sometimes there were heartaches and disappointments eventually that happen.

There are logic and techniques that’s going to apply when you feel that you really like that person to be your friend/s.  

This is the best and effective:

  • Always try to understand the feelings of your friend/s- be a good listener.

  • Be considerate- don’t argue if it’s not necessary, but argue in a nice manner and logical.

  • Give time to communicate- make sure you have a happy conversation.

  • Avoid making trouble or misunderstanding- don’t keep insisting or banging. Don’t be too opinionated especially if you are on the stage of getting to know.

  • Give and show importance- be always her/his side in whatever happens- show sympathy always.

  • Be open-minded- never lie or make false story or back bite.

  • Knows the likes and dislikes

  • Adjust her/his attitude.

  • Find common bonding- like watching movies together, shopping together, dining together, etc.

  • Be comfortable and happy his/her company.

  • Introduce her/his to your friends, relatives, parents and siblings.

  • Let your friend/s knows that you are reliable, honest to goodness kind of a friend.

  • In any situation let your friend can expect you at anytime anywhere.

  • Never make a move that your friend/s will be skeptical.

  • Be committed that your friendship is important.

  • Never showed intimidation.

  • Show your interest and be serious.


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