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We all know that poker was the highlight of the early years of the millennium. Since then, poker has died done. I am guilty of it myself. I use to watch poker on TV all the time. Now I find myself disinterested. I figured, I would discuss some tips and tricks for making money online through poker. This seems to be where things are headed. More and more residents of states that do not allow gambling, find themselves in cyberspace. The reason for that is most of these online poker sites are hosted offshore, where gambling is perfectly legal and an accepted industry.

Poker use to be a hobby, but for many it is their livelihood. There are pros everywhere and computer playing robots specifically designed for the long haul. There are universities, where artificial intelligent poker playing systems were created and their full source code released onto the internet. This allowed many savvy computer programs to build robots that would sit and play and play until it generated a profit. The problem for the average Joe is that these systems are much more superior to ourselves. I do not mean humans can not defeat them, I am just saying they have a huge advantage. These programs can generate pot odds, work out every possible hand combination and track and remember other players tends. Imagine the poker playing robot as a boardroom of employees watching every movement, recording and analyzing everything you do. It is basically you verses 100 people in a sense. Now many online poker rooms will tell you that they prevent bot play. Do not believe for a second they can stop all of it. Just accept it as a shadow lurking in the background that can at times defeat you. I am not trying to discourage anyone from playing poker online. I am just giving you a heads up as to what happens online, so you can sharpen your skills. You must be on point and consider every possible angle.

So lets discuss some tips and tricks to play online:

1) Research!!!

With anything start with the basics. If you think you know the game well, you don’t. True knowledge is knowing you know nothing! Research on Google, betting patterns, pot odds, hand combinations and button position.

2) Do not play every single hand dealt (Fold More Often Than Not)

In the beginning you are eager to play. You might have had success in home games with the buddies. So you decide to take your game online. You are online and want to enjoy it. So you think that staying in the hands that aren’t good will make it more enjoyable or give you a better read of the opponent. Playing more hands means you will lose more money. If you find you call half or more of the cards dealt to you, you need to change your game. Start with better starting hands.

3) Pay attention to everything.

Always pay attention to the table, even if you are not in the hand. Pick an opponent and imagine you are him playing. I know you can not see his hand, but ask yourself, what would I do in that situation? Look for tells in the betting patterns or how fast the opponents react. If they take long to think, they will fold more often than not.

4) Play within your means.

You should never play with more than 10% of your stack. So if you have 1000 dollars in the bank, play with a maximum of 100 dollars. If you lose it all, at least you can eat! So many people go online and go for the big time. Start with small stacks. Even 5 cent, 10 cent bets. Get your skills just right and then more up slowly. People that play high limit are either drunk, or extremely good at poker. Avoid those when first starting.

5) Stick with one company.

Pick one online poker room and stay there for 6 months. You want to get a feel for the room and the players that play there. Changing poker rooms all the time will just screw up your online game.

6) Quick Checks

This is the biggest and simplest poker tell. If a player checks right away when the action is on them, it means they have enabled the automatic check button. They already did not want to bet and if someone made a decent bet, they would of folded. Right here you can steal the pot with a big bet, regardless of your hand. Remember poker is more psychological than anything else. Also consider, really good players will use this to their advantage, make you bet, then counter.

7) Long time to decide.

If a player takes a long time to bet, it is either, they have a garbage hand or they want to bluff you. They might take a while to think how to get the most money out of their hand or make you believe that is what they’re thinking. Think about how long the player took to react before and base your decisions on that. See how the paying attention comes handy?

8) Fast betting.

If a player bets fast, they are trying to scare you. They want you to fold most of the time, so usually it is just a big bluff.

9) Betting patterns.

If you can record and remember how a player bets, you will control the game when playing against them. Savvy players can switch up their game, but at low limits, you don’t usually have to worry about that. People play more on instinct than anything else. By watching how they bet and the hands they had to show, you can get an idea of when and for what they bet X amount. If a player bets big before the flop, then small afterwords, it usually means they’ve missed. You can steal the pot right there. Pay attention and watch!

10) Telling of hands.

One the internet, people like to brag. Players will often ask, what you had or even tell you their hands. One they might be friendly, however usually they are just trying to throw you off their scent. The idea is to use misdirection and false information to make you think the total opposite of what happened. This is a common tactic, so ignore those chat window messages.

These tips are the simplest to start. I will be writing further poker strategy articles, where we will go into deeper ideas. Remember never play poker if you are tired, upset or angry. It will just make you commit rash decisions.

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