Japanese Language Learning

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Whether you are a polyglot or a simple manga lover, Japanese language is something that surely will catch your attention. Many people desire to learn Japanese just to be able to see manga online in Japanese language, to be the first to get new series. Some are planning their dream trips to Japan and definitely want to enjoy the staying there as well as people, by conversing with them.

Japanese is not the easiest language to learn, but not the most difficult as well. It is interesting and explorative towards your own abilities. As any other foreign language, Japanese may look odd and strange at the very beginning, but when you move on through the learning process you will notice that it turns more and more interesting and you learn it faster day by day.

Learning should be very effective if you plan your schedule properly. Some people need to stick to the strict schedule and go to the classes where they are presented with a few methods, but others can organize the whole process individually. No matter what method of learning you choose, you should always keep in your mind that there is no 100% working method for language learning. The only right way is to create your own individual approach. Consider the following steps when you organize the learning process:

  •  What skills do you prefer to use more while learning? If this is writing skill then better you start learning Japanese and memorize kanji and hiragana/katakana by writing down each and every alphabet as well as hieroglyph multiple number of times, but not less than 10 times in a row. If this is reading skill, then concetrate more attention on your reading, spend more time reading and trying to read more complicated texts with the use of kanji. If this is speaking skill, then most probably, you will need a good learning partner or a native speaker to have the conversation with, even starting with the elemental phrases.

  • What are your interests? You must relate the language to your interests to keep it going and developing by itself. The whole process will become more interesting to you as well as less challenging. You will be able to enjoy your preferences as well as learnign new words every day. For example, if you like Japanese cartoons, then stick to them as much as possible, see new series in Japanese language even if you can’t understand a bit of it, don’t worry you will within some period of time.

The whole process should be a joy to you, if you feel the tension while learning then sooner or later you will simply drop the idea of mastering the language. Japanese should live within your mind every day, that’s why it is so important to enjoy it and link it to your prime interests. You have to make new connections and expore the culture of Japan as well as its society. That surely doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and leave for Japan, no… it means you should make new friends who live in Japan, who is happy to help you with the explanation and language practice. If you choose to learn Japanese in class, then it is a little bit easier to get the information and practice the language in the group, but it is more difficult to link the learning process to your interests. And some people are simply not able to afford classes.

Take it slowly and carefully, don’t move on until you are sure in your knowledge and checked everything. Otherwise you will mix up all the information and won’t be able to distinguish anything later on.


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