How to Create a 3D Image

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I guess the first thing you really is a set of 3D specs,  the red and cyan type that we saw in the 80’s are the type we are dealing with here.  The next thing you need to understand is How and why a 3D image works.

When you look though your coloured glasses at an anaglyph, each eye sees a slightly different image.  The eye covered by red will pick up the parts of the image that are actually white, whilst the eye covered by blue will pick up the parts of the image that are black.  Your brain will fill in the gaps involving all the other colours and interprets these colours as depth, so your image looks like its 3D.  

So an anaglyph is actually 2 images layered over the top of each other, one representing the left eye and the other representing the right eye.

So how do we get these 2 images?  There are plenty of not so expensive cameras out there that actually have 2 lenses to mimic our own eyes.

Once we have our images (remember we now have 2 images of the same subject one representing the view from your left eye and one representing the view from your right) we need to overlay them together.

Probably the easiest way to do this is to download an anaglyph creator, again there are quite a few free ones out there.  This will take your two images, overlay them, add the correct colour filters to each of the images and export out a lovely new anaglyph image for you to view in 3D with your 3D specs.

You can also do this in Adobe Photoshop which will give you much more control over your colours and image placement for that perfect look.

Put your 3D specs on now….


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