Information About Panic Attacks And Panic Disorders

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Panic attacks are something that are not often discussed, but they are more common that most people think, especially among teenagers as well as among young adults, and people from all age groups, especially if the person is under a lot of stress.

A panic attack is pretty much an episode during which the person who suffers from it feels a very intense anxiety, fear and panic. This is often combined with various physical feelings of strong discomfort, for instance feeling smothered, having trouble breathing or having chest or stomach pains.

Panic attacks can last from a few minutes to several hours, and may occur frequently or less often, depending on the person. Panic attacks can often start without any warning at all, but usually reach their peak within 10-15 minutes.

While self-medication and DYI-treatments are common among those who suffer from panic disorders, the best way to treat them is to see a therapist, and with medication. Panic disorders and panic attacks are usually treated with either anticonvulsants, antihistamines or beta blockers, but other types of medication may be used as well.

Many people who start going to therapy due to panic disorders say that they see results within just a few weeks, but it is important to continue going to therapy, since panic disorders are often a sign of underlying mental issues and anxieties.

An experienced therapist may also be able to give advice on proven self-help methods for panic attacks.

So if you suspect that you are suffering from a panic disorder (or have had more than 2 panic attacks), the best thing to do is to contact a therapist immediately for further information and advice. Never try self-medicating or ignoring the problem!


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