Sex: Good And Good For You

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For those who’ve gone through the American public school system, you know that sex education is all but a joke. While efforts are being made to teach more honest and accurate forms of sex ed, most of what kids get are scare tactics about how horrible sex is, and then they get the abstinence is the only option talk. All of this is too bad, because sex is not only an activity that feels good, but it conveys a lot of healthy benefits when it’s participated in safely and correctly.

First off for some of the benefits we all know or can guess at. Sex is a good core body workout, and you can burn up to 300 calories per hour if you and your partner are really enthused about it. That may not sound like much (barely two cans of coke), but if you stack that on top of a regular workout schedule that’s a lot of extra work that can help you get in shape a little bit faster. Sex is also a great mood enhancer because it gets your endorphins rushing through your blood stream (which also reduces pain, incidentally). Sex is also good for your relationship, your sleep schedule, and your blood circulation. There is more that regular sex can do for you though, and more reasons to teach people to have sex safely.

Men who regularly have sex (once a week or more) are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. In the case of sex it seems to be use it or lose it according to Also for men, regular sex has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. On the less physical side of sex it helps couples share and increase their intimacy the more they have. Additionally sex is a great stress reliever, which can lead to other aspects of life being a lot less overwhelming.

Keep in mind though that these are all benefits of regular, healthy sex. It doesn’t mean that you should have a variety of sex partners or that you shouldn’t use condoms, because those will expose you to new risks that may be a lot worse than the benefits that you get from the sex you are having. But if you are having safe sex with a regular partner, and the sex takes place in a healthy, committed relationship then you are just racking up the bonus points for your health, your love, and your peace of mind.

This article was first published in July 2010 by College Gentleman Magazine at


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