The Talk at 2? I Never Would Have Guessed

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I never thought that at two years old my daughter would be in need of the sex talk. Or that I would end up giving a sumarized version of it to one of her friends, a little boy that I baby sit. Unfortunately that is what happened yesterday. I walked into her room to check on them after dealing with the other two kids, and found him on top of her on the bed. I told him to get off and told both of them to get out of the room. I have never seen anything of this sort from my daughter and the fact that as soon as he was off of her she came crying to me told me that it was mostly his idea. I followed them out of the room and told my husband what had happened.

We each sat down with one of the kids, him with ours and me with the little boy. We explaned to them that that type of stuff was for adults and that they were way too young to be acting like that. We were really calm about it and answered any questions. I tried not to go too far, as it is not my job, so after telling him that he shouldn’t be doing that I told him that his mommy would finish the talk with him after he was picked up.

After that we brought toys out to the living room and locked all the bedroom doors. We didn’t dwell on it with them, making them feel horrible about themselves was not what we wanted. We both understand that curiousity is normal, so we tried not to overreact.

When their mommy came to pick them up I told her everything that happened. She talked to him a little bit right there and then said that she would continue the talk later when they had more privacy. We also talked about the same things with not overreacting, but I told her that if things like that continued to happen I would not be able to babysit for her anymore.

Now we are trying to teach our daugther that when people do things that make her uncomfortable, she can, and should, tell them “no.” While trying not to dwell on the actual event itself, we are working on teaching to tell us about anything else like that that might happen in the future so it can be taken care of.

Hopefully, all these things will help and nothing like this will happen again. If you happen to go through something like this, try to remain calm and remember that they don’t really know yet that what they are doing is inappropriate for their age. Discuss it with them calmly and you will most likely see better results.


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