Right Attitude, The Winner That Takes IT All

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In time of challenges, ten percent is what happened; ninety percent is how you take it. Ninety percent of it is how you respond to it. Meaning, that you can be in charge and in control of any situation that arise at any time. It all depends on your attitude and response to it. And right attitude is it. With a right attitude you are right on top of any situation. It is the best strategy ever.

Even when it comes to dealing with men, who hate your guts. You cannot control what others do or say to you but you can control how you react. A defiant attitude will take care of any form of provocative acts or words from any man from any angle, while you can respond to a detractor and every bit of his distracting tantrums by simply ignoring him. After all the aim and goal of detractors is to distract. Give a man a hard kick in his groin, he may forgive you; abuse him verbally he may give it back to you; but ignore him and he will both hate and fear you.

For the records, men are not interested in what is done or said to you, rather they are interested in how you react.

The Yorubas of  Nigeria have an adage. It says: Whatever took laughter from the mouth of a raven, if it happens to the vulture, the bird will be so scared as to get out of it’s nest. See it? The raven can not just smile at it but still moved on taking things in it’s stride. But the thing bugged down the vulture so much that it couldn’t even get up from where it has just laid new eggs. Another Yoruba one says: what a sheep saw and just kept watching passively, the same a dog saw and will  not just stop barking. Same incident different reactions, from two different entities.

Certainly challenges are inevitable, but becoming miserable because if it is an option. And how you react to it ultimately determines what happens next.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times challenges and controversy. George W. Bush (Snr.)



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