A Sad Remembrance of Ysr Tragedy

It was a heart-rending tragedy that snatched away the life of Y.S.Rajasekara Reddy, the former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, while he was on his way to serve his beloved people. India lost a very charismatic and resourceful leader. His death was so shocking to the people of his state that on hearing the unbearable shocking news more than 500 lost their lives either by heart attack or by self-immolation.

A Selfless Leader

Dr. Y.S.R. Reddy was an able administrator and a charismatic leader of the mass. He stood for the cause of the downtrodden and the farmers who had been affected by draught. Day and night he toiled for the welfare of his people. People called him affectionately YSR and ran to him with confidence for their every need. YSR will be remembered in history for generations to come for the implementation of irrigation projects, improvements in educational facilities, and for many other popular schemes that changed the face of Andhra Pradesh.

Tireless Public Worker

During his tenure as the Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh made big strides in areas of Sustainable Agriculture by introducing “JALAYAGNAM” scheme with an aim of making 50, 00,000 acres of land cultivable. Food security, Access to credit and other social projects were some of his important programs to give relief and life to the poor. Many of his projects with his devoted intention of redeeming the common man from the clutches of hunger have made him a legendary. His well-known schemes, Land Development Schemes, Arogya Sri and Udyogasri have endeared him to the masses. His decision to give free power to millions of poor and his government’s focus to achieve this task will always be remembered.

A Dynamic Politician

YSR Reddy was the most politically talented and resourceful Chief Minister Andhra Pradesh has ever seen. Shrewdly taking up the reins of power, he became an MLA at a very young age of 29. He proved a quick study and rose to greater heights. His heart–winning event of 1,500Km padayatra (March of foot) in 2003, which tapped brilliantly into the mass unrest over the agrarian crisis, catapulted him to the seat of power very soon. He was the only Congress leader to become Chief Minister twice in succession. No other Congress leader of Andhra Pradesh had the charisma and the capacity to attract crowds as YSR.

A Tolerant Religious Man

Although YSR was a devoted Christian he always showed broadmindedness towards all religions. With a tolerant knack he could tackle the fanatic movements by narrow-minded religious groups. His popular support was so great that the Opposite could not challenge him in any way though there were a lot of issues in his state.  His eclectic ideas initiated a plethora of welfare schemes to alleviate the extreme distress among the rural and urban massed of his state.

A Heart-rending Loss

The untimely tragedy killed YSR Reddy on second September, 2009. All the five members who boarded the helicopter with him were charred to death when the chopper lost its control because of a bad weather condition and collapsed. Let the first anniversary of this great tragedy which caused an irreparable loss open the eyes of all the corrupted politicians of India. 

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